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The Butterfly Box initiative is at the very heart of why Be Loved Boxes were created. Follow along with us as we enter into a movement to remove stigma around miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. Our desire is to offer support and resource information to women and their families during this time of grief. 

Be Loved Butterfly Boxes are designed to love and encourage these precious Mamas, reminding them that they do not have to face the journey alone. The process to grieve and heal is a sacred necessity for each woman. We hope to be a hand up in their time of need. 

Be Loved Butterfly Boxes are carefully curated gift boxes for grieving mothers experiencing miscarriage, still birth, or loss of a child.

They include:
Butterfly Necklace
Card with Poem
and an assortment of carefully curated self care items from our seasonal boxes.

* Please be assured that extreme care goes into selecting items for this box. No items specifically pertaining to motherhood will be included. 

All donations and sponsored boxes are distributed to various places that will hand out Butterfly Boxes on an as needed basis (Midwife Clinics, Children's Hospitals, Funeral Homes, Charities, Grief Counselling Clinics, OBGYN Offices, etc...).