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Why Be Loved

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Quality Products


Each box contains unique, quality items from local Canadian businesses. Learn more about our products and suppliers.  Read More

Milk Bath

Support Mom


The time with a Belly, the weeks that follow Birth and all that time Beyond    can be both physically and emotionally challenging for Mom.  Our boxes are filled with products to support and pamper her during this time.    Preview  the next box sneak peek

Community Support

Community Support


For every box we sell, we donate $1 to an organization  that helps women with reproductive mental health disorders and postpartum depression.  This year, we will be supporting Postpartum Passages, a local Prince George facilitated support circle, supporting women in the postpartum transition. Learn more about Postpartum Passages on their website. 

What's New


February Giveaway

Don't miss out on our February Giveaway contest! All you have to do is visit our Facebook page and enter the contest to win our Be Loved box shipping in March.

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Be Loved Boxes - Next box sneak peak

Next Box Sneak Peek 

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Our Suppliers


Some amazing businesses you can expect to see products from